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Still Standing

I read the following quote from Magnum’s Christopher Anderson today and I had to repost it because it is so spot on: “Forget about the profession of being a photographer. First be a photographer and maybe the profession will come after. Don’t be in a … Read More


Controlling the Sun

As a photographer, you learn to see light in a way that most people never notice. When I’m shooting, it is always the first or second thing I consider when determining how I’m going to approach the my subject.  As such, I have many times … Read More


“Recent 20″ added JacobsPhotographic

20 of my favorite most recent images have been added to my website  They feature work for a number of my regular clients: The New York Times The Wall St. Journal The Boston Globe The Daily Polaris Images Education Week As well as some … Read More


Eilen Jewell

There are many important things in my life and I feel very fortunate when I have the opportunity to photograph them.  NASCAR (isn’t one of them – boy I wish I could find those photos…) but good food, travel and music are most definitely on the … Read More