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Portrait of Dennis Maher at his Tewksbury home November 10, 2011.

King Content

In the Story Building classes I teach at Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts my students are required to come up with a story ideas that they will cover exclusively for the duration of our class.  One of the things I end up explaining … Read More


New Mom, New Cancer

There are a lot of things in this life that I can’t imagine.  I have a hard time grasping what it is like to have or love a child, I am not a parent.  I also can’t realistically touch the fear of having a disease … Read More



11,314 – That’s how many photos I took in the month of August.  Most people who don’t shoot for a living are amazed by the fact that a photographer can shoot between 200 and 300 frames during a simple portrait shoot.  But even I am amazed … Read More

Newport Jazz Festival 2011

Newport Jazz Festival

The 2011 Newport Jazz Festival turned out to be another fun and hectic shooting experience this year (oh, and also WET!).  I was working the festival for both National Public Radio as well as the New York Times.  Both were live blogging the event and … Read More


David Wax Museum Promo Shoot

In May of this year, my wife turned 30 and to commemorate the event, I adapted (butchered) a song written by the David Wax Museum and performed it for her during her party.  Pulling it off took a complete lack of shame on my part … Read More


“Hurricane” Earl

Five years ago, almost to the day, I was covering the effects of Hurricane Katrina with my then-to-be wife Dina for the Boston Globe.  A colleague of ours who was also there recently pointed out that hurricanes always seem to come ashore around labor day … Read More


Photo Booth

I have been shooting nightlife for the Boston Globe for well over a year now.  Over that time we have amassed a pretty good library of venues and reoccurring events where people can go to get a sense of a scene or check out who … Read More


The Full 36 Hours

Some of you may be familiar with the 36 Hours feature in the Travel section of the New York Times.  It is a list of recommended sights to see, places to eat and ways to have fun with 36 hours in selected cities around the … Read More

Newport Jazz Festival 2010

Newport Jazz Fest 2010

As much as I don’t love Jazz, I did thoroughly enjoy shooting it this weekend in Rhode Island.  The Newport Jazz Festival is  hailed as “the festival that put jazz festivals on the map,” and I spent the weekend working with National Public Radio, documenting the … Read More