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Newport Jazz Festival

The 2011 Newport Jazz Festival turned out to be another fun and hectic shooting experience this year (oh, and also WET!).  I was working the festival for both National Public Radio as well as the New York Times.  Both were live blogging the event and NPR was live streaming many acts which meant that I had to shoot, hustle back to our tent, edit/tone/transmit, and get back to cover the next act in sometimes as little as 15 minutes.  Here is a glimpse of my cheat sheet for Sunday:  underlined indicated shoot for both clients, ****indicated NPR live broadcasts.  Sunday was a slower day than Saturday but note the time between the first three sets.  Not much room for error… or lunch even.

In between all the shooting I also managed to shoot a number of “Rogue Video” concerts of impromptu musician performances amid the ruins Ft. Adams State park along with Mito Habe-Evens of NPR (which I hope to post as they are produced).  And below is some general festival stuff which you might not have caught on NPR’s website or in the NYT.  These are some of my favorites.

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    Beautiful stuff .. most photogs are finding it hard to get jobs and you’re doing two at a time … nice!