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The best storytellers…

I just wrapped up my first teaching experience at Boston University Center for the Digital Imaging Arts and ladies and gentlemen, the results are in!

The class I taught, Story Building, is designed to teach the students how to effectively use photography as a tool for communication.  Each student researched and proposed a story idea and spent nearly two months documenting the lives of care givers, firefighters, fishermen and refugees.   It was a challenging couple of months – both for the students and for me.  This class is one of their last before graduation and so expectations are high all around.  I pushed them – some pushed back  - others dug deep and delivered some fantastic work.

Below is a selection of some of the images that really stood out:

Paulo Pacheco – from his story on fishermen in Gloucester, MA

Madelyn Uzzo – from her story on a full time caregiver

Diana Pozzi – from her story on a retiring firefighter

Colleen Murphy – from her story on the town of Newburyport, MA

Ketsia Vedrine – from her story on Haitian earthquake refugees